141 Longwater Drive

FoxRock Farms

Have You Heard What The Buzz Is All About?

FoxRock Farms Bee Icon141 Longwater is home to two beehives on its rooftop. Bees are vital for food systems both locally and globally, so we wanted to utilize our available space to help give a few hives a home. All beehives are inhabited by Italian honeybees, Apis mellifera ligustica — these specific honeybees are the most docile species and consequently, the hives are extremely safe and the instance of stings is very unlikely.

The goal of this initiative is to provide research into pollinator health in New England along with strengthening the local honeybee population. We’re doing our part for the community while getting a little sweet treat in return (which we hope to share with our tenants).

The hives are maintained by highly skilled beekeepers at the Best Bees Company.